April 14 -15, 2018


The Course

Starting in the shadow of the majestic Alamodome, the Alamo 10,000 route mirrors 6.2 miles of the Alamo Half route through beautiful downtown San Antonio, passing numerous historic landmarks before finishing back INSIDE the Alamodome.  It’s a flat, fast course and provides a great opportunity to shoot for a PR!  The route will be USATF Certified, as it has been in the past.  

Fluid replenishment stations will be set up at regular intervals throughout the course (see course map). The Alamo 10,000 is chipped timed. The Alamo 10,000 is its own event, starting approximately 50 minutes after the start of the Alamo Half.

The Rules

For safety reasons and the fact that USATF insurance does not cover bicycles, skateboards, scooters, pets, roller skates, inline skates or roller blades, they will NOT be permitted on the course. Baby joggers and strollers will be allowed in the Alamo 10,000 (but NOT in the Alamo Half), however you will be asked to start at the back of the 'pack', insure your child is secured in your stroller/jogger and not run/walk with others in such a way as to impede other participants on the course. We also ask that any children seated in joggers have a helmet on and secured.  Participants running with baby joggers will need to pass through a separate security screening process before entering the secured, gated starting area.

The 10K course will remain open for 2 hours and 30 minutes, from when the last runner has crossed the START line during the Official Start.  Any runners starting the race after the official start, will be subject to the course time restrictions based on the course closure time from the official start If (once finalized) a portion of the course overlaps with the last section of the Alamo Half, then it may remain open longer than other non-overlapping sections. The rolling closure of the non-overlapping sections of the course is based on an approximate pace of 19 minutes per mile.

Entry fees are non-refundable.

NOTE: The Alamo 10,000 has a 'cap' and will be limited to the first 2,500 people to register.

Active Duty Military and their dependents can receive a 20% discount on entry to the Alamo 10,000. Please read the qualifications for use and details to be able to utilize the discount during online registration.

2018 Alamo 10K Course Map

2018 Alamo 10K course
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