March 16 & 17, 2019




The Alamo Run Fest event you choose will dictate how much you will need to prepare. If this is your first running or walking event you may want to get started slow, but most importantly… just get started. You’ll be glad you did and the effort you put in preparing will be well rewarded with how you feel when you cross the finish line!

There are many great training programs around to help get people of all fitness levels across the finish line. Whether this is your first race or your twenty-fifth race, there are training programs and fitness partners out there that can help you raise your level of fitness and push you harder, help build your confidence in achieving your goals.
Remember, it’s about the commitment you're making--to get up and
out the door--to exercise and achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle.
The Alamo Run Fest is the only Spring Half Marathon in San Antonio that all of the Specialty Running Stores in San Antonio endorse and support!

Most of them have great training programs for runners and walkers! We encourage you to check them out. If you have a favorite store or club that isn't targeting preparation for the Alamo Run Fest in their training program, ask them if they will add one for you and your friends. 

​Regardless of the training method you use, we wish you the best of luck and we’ll see you at the finish line!

FLEET FEET SPORTS, one of our amazing spsonsors, is planning a training program to specifically help prepare participants for the 2019 Alamo Run Fest. Check it out!

Check back to see when Tranining programs for the 2019 Alamo Run Fest events will begin.