Make a Difference Events was formed by veteran Texas event directors Carl Owens and Rick Margiotta, both of whom have extensive experience in the management and production of large scale, participatory fitness events dating back to their first events in the mid 1980’s.  (​Cl​ick here for additional info on experience and events.) Their goal with Make a Difference Events has been to bring together their combined knowledge and experience to create a unique, 'home grown' running festival event that ties into the broad based health initiatives taking place in San Antonio, many initiated by the San Antonio Mayor's Fitness Council (MFC).  In doing so, Make a Difference Events’ mission is to have a positive impact on helping thousands of individuals create healthier lifestyles while providing a high quality event experience. The MFC has continuously endorsed the the Alamo Run Fest since its inception in 2013.

Make a Difference Events is creating a major event that is locally produced and unique to San Antonio. This distinction provides us the ability to structure our event in such a way as to help positively influence health and lifestyle issues that directly impact the community as well as integrate items within the events that may help effect positive change. This focus also allows local sponsors a level of event associated involvement that can be much more impactful than is sometimes available with the national series type events.  

The Alamo Run Fest is designed to become a major health, fitness and wellness '‘happening'' for San Antonio that will attract participants from across Texas and around the country to experience a very special event with a unique identity, all in a city with a distinct flavor all its own.