The events of the Alamo Run Fest could not take place without the dedicated support from our sponsors. These companies have chosen to associate and partner with the ARF because they understand how it benefits the long term health and wellness of San Antonio.  Through their sponsorship they have chosen to support both the event and all those individual participants who are working to create a healthier lifestyle for themselves. 

We sincerely thank each event sponsor for making the decision to be a part of 2019 Alamo Run Fest and in turn through those sponsorships, each individual participating in the ARF. 

We hope that as a participant you will take a little time to let them know, through your emails or letters as well as through purchases of their products and services, that you appreciate that they support your passion for health and fitness. 

These companies have many sponsorship opportunities to choose from in the marketplace today, yet the sponsors listed have chosen to support you and the Alamo Run Fest events.  

Sponsors of the 2018 Event are listed Below... Updated 2019 Sponsors to be announced soon...